Ridge Classes

Ridge classes are designed to help you take the next step in your spiritual journey. Ridge 101 is a prerequisite for all classes.  Classes are offered every quarter and run for three consecutive Sundays from 12:30-3:00 pm.  A $25.00* fee per participant covers the cost of class materials plus a light lunch each week.  Scholarships are available.  Childcare and a free lunch is provided to children of class participants.  To find out when a particular class is offered go to the Ridge Class Calendar.

Ridge 101: Discovering Mountain Ridge
Discovering Mountain Ridge is for anyone desiring to learn more about Mountain Ridge: who we are and what we believe. It is a basic introduction to our church family and is a prerequisite to all other Ridge classes and membership.

Ridge 201: Discovering Spiritual Maturity
Discovering Spiritual Maturity is designed for those who are seeking to grow closer to God. This class focuses on the Four Basic Habits that every Christian needs to develop spiritually and will equip you with the skills and tools needed to begin and continue these habits.

Ridge 301: Discovering Your Ministry
In Discovering Your Ministry you will learn about your God-given design by identifying your passions, spiritual gifts, and personal style. The goal of this class is to help you put all these factors together and discover where God is calling you to serve.

Ridge 401: Discovering Your Mission to Reach One
Discovering Your Mission to Reach One is designed to enable all of us to share the Word of God. This class is not evangelism as you may know it, but is focused on helping us recognize how things that we already do can aid us in witnessing to others. Ridge 401 will help us realize that we can share the Good News in a way that is authentic, sincere, and comfortable for us and the people we are trying to reach.

Ridge 410: Leading a Child to Jesus
Leading A Child to Jesus is for anyone desiring to make a positive impact on a child. In this class you will learn how to share your testimony clearly and concisely in terms that children will understand. This class is highly recommended for all Kids’ Ridge volunteers. *This class can be completed in one Sunday. It is offered the first and third Sunday of each class session. A $16.00 fee covers class materials and lunch.

Ridge Elective 210: Good $ense
This is not just a budgeting class, but is designed to help you discover the joy of financial freedom. Through the study of biblical principles of finances, you will realize your capacity to have a grateful spirit and a giving heart, and to be a light to those around you.

Ridge Elective: Making Marriage Work
Making Marriage Work is for anyone who is married or thinking about getting married. In this class you will learn biblical principles to help you navigate some of the most challenging aspects of intimate relationships.