Why give? Because we acknowledge that everything is God’s and we seek to honor Him in all that we do. All that we have in this world (no matter how little or how much) is from God. We are His children and seek to acknowledge and glorify Him in everything, including our spending. Giving to God is an act of worship; an acknowledgement of His greatness.

How much to give? There was an Old Testament tradition of tithing 10% of all your possessions to God. As with much of the Old Testament, we are no longer strictly held to that standard. Instead we are called to live joyfully and generously, giving of our firstfruits and abundance to God. 10% may be a great guideline for you, or God may call you to give a different amount as you seek His will and strive to be a good steward of all He has given you.

At Mountain Ridge, your gift will be used to further God’s Kingdom through the Great Commission and Great Commandment: loving God, loving others, and making disciples.