Mountain Ridge Community is inherently a church for the greater Redmond community and seeks to help serve the needs of the community by opening our doors to help others. This page shows some of the ways we have integrated into the community.

If you are interested in using Mountain Ridge Community Church to help make Redmond a better place, please contact us.

Caring for Families in Redmond

Caring for the citizens of Redmond is an important part of Mountain Ridge. In addition to being available for community events, the church also serves as the home for Hwang’s Taekwondo after school program.

Since 1987, Hwang’s Taekwondo School has been providing quality Taekwondo instruction to children, teens, and adults of all ages and abilities. Grand Master Hwang, a 8th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and 4th Dan Black belt in Hapkido and Judo, brings more than 30 years experience to provide the best martial arts training available.

Children can take advantage of this excellent program through the Hwang’s after school program, which is hosted in the spacious Kids’ Ridge area of Mountain Ridge Community Church.

You can learn more about Hwang’s and their after school program on their website:

Giving to Christ at Christmas

Every year, we look to embody the spirit of Christmas through giving. Past events include a respite night for the parents of special needs children, dinner and gifts for young mothers (through Healthy Start), and giving to our World Vision children.

This year, we started raising money to partner with Whidbey Evangelical Free Church and other area churches for a new church plant in the region for 2019.

Iglesia Cristo en la Familia (Christ in the Family Church)

Dias de reunion: Sabados 7:00 PM, Domingos 3:00 PM
Service times: Saturday 7:00 PM, Sunday 3:00 PM

Nuestra Vision de Evangelismo (Our vision for evangelism)

La ciudad de Redmond cuenta con 57,350 avitantes, de los cuales 7% o 4027 personas son de origen ispanoamericano, nuturalmente son de diferentes paises, y hablan espanol. Nuestra vision es ganar para CRISTO por lo menos 1% en este ano que son como 40 personas solo de la ciudad de Redmond, tambien otras ciudades de alrededor estan en nuestra vision como ya muchos de ustedes bienen de de otras ciudades.

Como haremos este trabajo? Se necesitan voluntarios que inviten a familiares y amigos a la iglesia

Esta usted dispuesto a trabajar? Para el reino de Dios.

The city of Redmond has 57,350 citizens, of which 7% or 4027 people are Latin-American, all from different countries, and use Spanish as their primary language. Our vision is to win to Christ at least 1% this year; like 40 people only from the city of Redmond. Also other surrounding cities are in our vision as many of you are from these cities.How do we make this work?

Volunteers that invite family and friends to the Church are needed.

Are you willing to work? For the Kingdom of God.

Si usted tiene preguntas, póngase en contacto con el Pastor Daniel Ramos en 425-221-0656.
If you have questions, contact Pastor Daniel Ramos at 425-221-0656.